Auvergne - Volcanic holidays in all seasons

When the first volcanic reliefs come into view, the first thing you notice is the luxuriant wilderness. Here you are in Auvergne, between Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme. From the legendary Chaîne des Puys, with its dormant volcanoes, to the famous Limagne fault, the land of Auvergne tells the story of a region unique in France. A story that can be read, of course, first and foremost in its landscapes.

To do this, head for the summit of Puy-du-Sancy, a majestic volcano towering over the surrounding area at 1886 metres. The cable car ascent spares you some demanding terrain and transports you to the land of mouflons and infinite space. While you're on the mountain, take the opportunity to visit the medieval village of Besse, famed by the Medici for its lava stone houses and red shutters.

The Auvergne is first and foremost a historical destination, as are its cities, of which Clermont-Ferrand is the great favorite. From the Place de la Victoire to the steps of the cathedral, via the Parc Bargoin, the birthplace of Michelin will surprise you by allowing you to get away from it all. Thiers, on the other hand, offers a more intimate and unusual stopover. A medieval town and the world capital of knives, Thiers takes you to the heart of the Limagne region, where time seems to stand still.